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aura: reflections on a table
The technical setup of the installation follows a two computer-scenario for the independent tasks of position tracking and rendering. The mug-interface contains infrared transmitters, its position is computed from the real time evaluation of an infrared video stream, captured and computed by a custom made intelligent camera device, installed above the projection-table.

The rendering engine runs a real time VR application framework in which the camera and the reflecting "negative" of the mug are moved according the computed position data, which is received through the local ethernet network.

The whole installation including the equipments, the table, the projection screen, the projector etc. can be transported from Budapest to the exhibition location. In terms of the exhibition space a totally dark room is required with the minimum dimension of 4x4x4 meters. The heigth of the room is especially important due to the installation of the special custom made intelligent camera device, which is responsible for the position tracking.

Equipment list (to be transported to the exhibition location):
  • 1x chrome steel table structure (disassembled elements package size approx. 160x210x10cm)
  • 1x projection screen: special back-projection screen mounted between two 5mm thick secure glass plates, 150x200cm
  • 2x custom made special intelligent camera device, 30x15x10cm each (one spare device)
  • 2x mug-interface with built in electronics and charger (one spare device)
  • 1x small sized special PC computer
  • 1x NEC WT-600 special wide angle data projector
  • cables, tools for assembling the installation
Interactive VR Installation by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák & Márton Fernezelyi